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Improving security without an ESM - Register Now


Join our own Sam Cohen at the MVMUA virtual meeting on January 18.  He will speak on Improving security with z/VM Directory Changes.

Synopsis:  If you don't want to implement an external security manager (ESM) (like RACF, CA-ACF2, CA-Top Secret), you can still improve system security and auditing by making some basic changes to the z/VM Directory.  This session will cover some techniques for basic improved security, even if you want to later implement an ESM.

Register here to attend:

2021 Recorded Event - CentOS to RHEL Migration


As you consider options for CentOS, are you interested in achieving 35% lower infrastructure costs, 16% fewer unplanned outages, and 26% faster development cycles?  If so, join us as we discuss the business value of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the top reasons to migrate your CentOS compute nodes to RHEL.

If you missed the CentOS to RHEL Migration webinar, click here to watch the replay!

  • Security and Compliance: Maintain compliance and access the latest patches and fixes
  • Access to innovation: Take advantage of all the latest RHEL features and functionality
  • Lifecycle events: Avoid end of maintenance or extended support requirements
  • Access to Red Hat Insights to optimize infrastructures with security and IT risk analytics


2021 Recorded Event - Modernizing with Red Hat to Improve Operational Performance

Red Hat is more than just Enterprise Linux. Red Hat provides the building blocks of open-source technology. For those looking to explore all things possible with the Red Hat portfolio, the Red Hat Learning Lounge is an interactive, relaxed environment to learn more about the comprehensive portfolio built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

If you missed the Mainframe Modernization with LRS and Model 9 webinar, click here to watch the replay!

This session focused on:

  • Application modernization with Containers and Kubernetes
  • Hybrid Cloud Management with OpenShift
  • Automation and Management Using Ansible


2021 Recorded Event - Mainframe Modernization with LRS and Model 9

Mainframe modernization is a top priority for most enterprises; however, it can be challenging figuring out where to start. Join LRS and Model9 for an informative webinar focused on how we can help jumpstart your mainframe modernization cloud journey!

If you missed the Mainframe Modernization with LRS and Model 9 webinar, click here to watch the replay!

During this event, we discussed:

  • How we can accelerate your mainframe data migration to the cloud.
  • Monetizing your mainframe data by unlocking it in the cloud.
  • Leveraging cloud to reduce the costs of mainframe data management.
  • Lower cost mainframe backup, space management and disaster recovery in the cloud

2021 Recorded Event - LRS and IBM Power Servers & Power Ballads

Advancements in music recording and digital data took separate paths over the years, but the journeys have been similar and intertwined.

Music recording has advanced in parallel to our current day data solutions.  Data has become such an important aspect of almost every aspect of life, and has culminated in the innovation of Cloud computing and IBM’s Power VS offering.

If you missed the LRS and IBM Power Servers & Power Ballads virtual event featuring the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, click here to watch the replay!

At this event we discussed:

  • the benefits of IBM Hybrid Cloud and IBM Power VS on IBM Cloud
  • IBM Power VS as the platform built for data intense, mission-critical AIX and IBM i applications.
  • flexibility and choice on how you deploy your applications using Power VS
  • the consistent experiences between Power VS in the IBM Cloud or on-prem

Want more information on the evolution of music and technology through the years? Check out our ebook!

2021 Recorded Webinar - Reduce or Eliminate Your Dependence on Costly SAS Software

Concerned that your SAS software subscriptions costs are out of control? Wouldn’t it be great to migrate all of your SAS code to Open Source Python and completely eliminate the need for expensive proprietary code, while maintaining functional use of the application?

If you are interested in learning how to save up to 50% on SAS software costs in the first year and eliminating them in three years (varies by customer), and reducing application migration times by up to 80% compared to manual efforts, please join us!

2020 Recorded Webinar - LinuxONE Delivers Performance at Scale On An Open System

Flexibility, responsiveness and cost are fueling your digital transformation and your journey to hybrid cloud. Now, you can drive to market faster—while avoiding cloud security risks and complex migration challenges.

IBM LinuxONE can transform your application and data portfolio with innovative data privacy, security and cyber resiliency capabilities—all delivered with minimal downtime.

Join LRS and IBM on Tuesday, December 8 to learn why LinuxONE is the most highly engineered system for your sensitive data... with extreme performance, scalability, and reduced operational costs for driving your business to the next level.

Whether you missed the live webinar, or you want to review it, you can watch the recording. Click here to view

2020 Recorded Webinar - Storage Made Simple For Your Hybrid Cloud Environment

The IBM FlashSystem family combined with LRS's expertise delivers storage made simple for your hybrid cloud environments. FlashSystems meet the full range of enterprise storage needs from entry to high-end systems - extending seamlessly to your hybrid cloud storage deployments. You can now equip your enterprise with the scalability, performance, and cloud-based, future-proof design.

Learn how The IBM FlashSystem family supports enterprise class data services for IBM Storage and >500 other storage arrays, with no additional costs or complexity. And because more is not better, one flash storage software platform will simplify your storage with AI-based monitoring, predictive analytics, and proactive support.

Whether you missed the live webinar, or you want to review it, you can watch the recording. Click here to view

2020 Virtual VM Workshop Recorded Sessions

If you’ve been wondering how to get RedHat OpenShift working on IBM Z, we have the webinar recording for you. Sam Cohen of LRS IT Solutions presented a real-world user’s experience in getting OpenShift working on IBM Z at the VM Workshop in June.

Whether you missed the live webinar, or you want to review it, you can watch the recording. Click Here to fill out the form.

Join LRS for a three part web series on the Fundamentals of Cyber Security

We know it’s not business as usual right now. While around the globe we attempt to create a new normal, LRS is dedicated to doing our part. To help support a return to a healthy and vibrant global community, LRS will donate $5 to the American Red Cross for COVID-19 relief on behalf of every online event attendee in this three part Security series.

Please join LRS for a three part web series on the Fundamentals of Cyber Security.  In this series we will discuss the Foundations of Security, how to respond if you do find a security violation, and how to investigate your security environment and identify incidents.

June 16  (1PM CT) - Investigating your Security Environment and Incidents

    • See the Entire Field and drill down to what matters
    • Understand the tools of the trade:
      • QRadar Adviser for Watson
      • i2

A recording of this past webinar is available for viewing - Click Hereto view June webinar

May 19  (1PM CT) - Now that you have found the violation of your security Policy - how do you respond?

    • What does Investigate and Respond Look like?
      • QRadar and Resilient
      • Cloud Pak for Security

A recording of this past webinar is available for viewing - Click Hereto view May webinar

April 21  (1PM CT) -  Foundations for Security and Watching the Wire

  • Security Use Cases and Demo (QRadar)
    • Cloud Provider
    • Ransomware
    • User Behavior

A recording of this past webinar is available for viewing - Click Hereto view Foundations for Security and Watching the Wire webinar

Frank Welder is a Cyber Security Professional that over the past 10 years has helped customers focus their security strategy and operations.  He has worked with customers in North America with a blend of helping their define their necessities and implementing with industry tools and best practices.

Endpoint Security Basics and Why it Should Be Part of Every Organizations Security Strategy

IBM BigFix helps corporations and government agencies achieve smarter, faster endpoint management. It combines endpoint and security management into a single solution that enables IT to see and manage physical and virtual endpoints including servers, desktops, roaming laptops and specialized equipment, such as point-of-sale devices, ATMs and self-service kiosks. As threats emerge, the software allows you to rapidly remediate, protect and report on endpoints in real-time. By automating time-intensive tasks across complex networks, they control costs while reducing risk and supporting compliance. IBM BigFix can be deployed in days for any network size or configuration, providing a very rapid return on investment (ROI).

Register to view a recorded LRS IT Solutions webinar on the IBM BigFix platform. 


Topics covered:

  • Perennial endpoint issues
  • BigFix patches
  • Competitive differentiators
  • Success stories


SubCapacity Reporting Tool (SCRT) and changes for the z/VSE customer

Register to view a recorded LRS IT Solutions webinar on the IBM SubCapacity Reporting Tool (SCRT) changes affecting the z/VSE customer. You will learn what is Subcapacity pricing, what is changing and when and more.


You will learn:

  • What is Subcapacity Pricing
  • What is changing and when
  • How the recent changes will impact your business
  • View a short demo