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Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.


LRS Cloud Solutions: Reliable, Scalable & Secure

Our focus is to provide our clients with cloud solutions built upon industry leading, reliable, scalable and secure platforms. To accomplish this, we partnered with industry leaders like; Amazon, IBM and Microsoft. We leverage the investments they have made in their cloud platforms to deploy your applications.

We can help you design, implement and migrate to a more responsive and agile IT infrastructure that will allow you to respond more quickly to the demands of your organization. Let us help you turn your IT infrastructure into an asset and an enabler of the business! 

The cloud environments we design and deploy allow you to avoid the high capital costs associated with building your own on premises agile IT infrastructure. By leveraging the cloud “pay as you go” model you no longer need to buy compute and storage built to handle your anticipated peak workloads.

Security is a top priority for the cloud providers we work with. You can rest assured that your data is secure. We get the advantage of leveraging the multi-million-dollar investments they make to not only keep your data safe but to meet any required certifications and accreditations you may need to achieve regulatory and standard data compliance requirements like HIPAA, PCI, ISO and SOC.

As your trusted partner, the LRS® Cloud Solutions Team, can provide you with complete IT infrastructure monitoring, management and support, allowing your resources to focus on your applications and data instead of the underlying infrastructure. Whether you have private cloud, a hybrid model or a multi-cloud environment, we can monitor and manage it for you!

With our Cloud Partners we can provide enterprise-class, geographically disbursed infrastructure as the foundation for your application environments. Our skilled resources provide your team with best practices in the design and deployment of your applications upon this foundation. Together we can build a futureproof infrastructure capable of rapidly adapting to the ever-changing needs of your business.

Already have a cloud or multi-cloud environment in place? Our Cloud Team can help you accelerate your migration by helping you identify the right workloads for cloud or by assisting in the set-up and migration of your environment to the cloud. With our help you can shorten the “time to value” and begin to achieve the benefits cloud offers faster!


We offer Cloud Consulting Services designed to help clients regardless of where they are on their cloud journey…

  • Assessments - Cloud Maturity, Cloud Strategy Design/Validation
  • Roadmaps - Prescriptive, Multi-stage, Aligned to your business Objectives
  • Migration - Data Migration, Cloud enablement, Cloud PoC/PoT

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Managed Services

Perhaps you need to free up your limited staff to focus on higher value projects. Let our skilled resources manage areas like:

    • Backup & Recovery
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Infrastructure

On premises, Hybrid or fully in the cloud

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