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Nearly every business today has tons of data. Terabytes, petabytes, exabytes of data are stored in your data center. Because of the sheer volumes of complex and disconnected business processes, along with the vast amounts of data you have, it has quickly become a business imperative for companies to leverage analytics to improve decision-making and agility.

The LRS Analytics Team are technologists who understand the top drivers and metrics for customers in any industry. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of business analytics solutions that will provide your organization with the ability to turn Big Data information into actionable insights. Whether you are looking to extend the power of the solutions you already have, or implement new solutions that will help you find the value in your data to drive better business outcomes.

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Our Big Data and Analytics team offers solutions in:

Data Warehousing

Our team focuses on the business problem you are trying to solve so we can help you create a flexible, dynamic data warehouse that quickly adapts to the changing requirements of your users and customers. If you’ve already got a data warehouse that isn’t meeting the needs of the business, our consultants can review its data model and performance and optimize its operations.

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Information Management

Your organization needs to utilize enterprise-class information management capabilities as part of your data warehouse solution. Doing so can help lower overall project risk, enhance confidence in the quality of your information, and reduce costs through less development effort.

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Data Discovery

The self-service capabilities of today’s BI solutions can help your users quickly create guided drag-and-drop dashboards from a desktop or mobile device. The interactive content can be personalized for each consumer and can be delivered to any user at device so that analytics is always at their fingertips. Our Big Data and Analytics team can show you how.

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Big Data

Big Data solutions can help you store and analyze all of your data, including the “dark data,” no matter what the format is. It’s easy to let a Big Data platform, and the analytical applications built on top of it, become an independent silo instead of a solution integrated with traditional data marts or warehouses.

Whether you’re in insurance, financial services, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, or government, we can develop a solution to help you mine information from all your data. We’ll begin by looking at your business, gathering your requirements, and discovering the goals you want to achieve, and then implement the solution that will help you reach them.

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